Vacation Quest: Australia walks a fine line between relaxation and boredom

vacation quest australia
vacation quest australia

Taking over where Vacation Quest: The Hawaiian Islands left off, Vacation Quest: Australia presents you with 28 different hidden object scenes to explore in one of the most basic setups in the genre. You'll be asked to simply complete scene after scene, collecting items from lists, until each day on your month-long vacation is complete. There's no story here to speak of and no freedom here to explore (other than being allowed to choose which scene to tackle first). If you're a fan of simplicity (and don't mind a lot of repetition), then this is the game for you.


You'll start Vacation Quest: Australia with just two scenes to complete in your first day. From there, each day might contain more scenes to complete than the last, but you'll start repeating scenes at around Day 5. The items in these secondary trips back are different, but the scenes obviously become easier as you spend more time in them. This isn't the say that the game itself is challenging, as the junk piles are fairly light. There's a huge focus on placing items into the patterns on fabric or into the paint on other items, and item sizes are incredibly skewed, adding to the variety.

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