See? There are laughs to be had amidst this 'copycat' business, after all

Triple Town
January was pretty much a buzz kill, as far as social and mobile games are concerned. It seemed as if at every turn there were accusations "you cloned this" or "they copied that." Spry Fox, developer of critical hit Triple Town, even flung a copyright infringement suit at 6waves Lolapps and Escalation Studios over Yeti Town. Frankly, it's been downright depressing.

Leave it to the folks at Penny Arcade to inject a little humor into the ordeal. Today's edition of the massively popular web comic explores one particular point made by Spry Fox CEO David Edery: that 6waves Lolapps had offered to publish Triple Town before opting to create a similar game.

Well, it's either that or an imagining of a similar scenario between the indie developer and Playdom, which just began publishing Triple Town on Facebook--take your pick. All that matters is that Penny Arcade understands the power of the punchline. Check it below (click to make larger):
Penny Arcade Triple Town
[Image Credit: Penny Arcade]

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