Teenagers go to war on Facebook in The Hunger Games Adventures

The Hunger Games
The Hunger Games

With a feature film on the horizon, hype surrounding the young adult novel series The Hunger Games nears the boiling point. What better way to ensure that it bubbles over than a Facebook game? New York-based Funtactix has finally put rumors to rest with Hunger Games Adventures, a social game based on the upcoming movie and set for a same-day release on March 23.

Hot on the heels of its previous branded Facebook game, Mission: Impossible: The Game (tied with Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol), Funtactix worked with Lionsgate Entertainment to craft Hunger Games Adventures. Set in the same world as the novels, Panem, the game allows players to interact with eight staple characters. However, don't call this an "advergame".

"Our focus on creating games based on AAA films provides us with a great community to tap into, but also creates a tremendous responsibility for us to create an experience that is authentic to the worlds that fans love," Funtactix CEO Sam Glassenberg explained to Inside Social Games (ISG). "If a game lacks authenticity, the fans realize it in a second."

Glassenberg considers Hunger Games Adventures to be "a natural extension" of how fans already gather to revel in their love of the series. Mega fans of the series will be excited to finally see a detailed map of Panem through the game's 200 quests to start, courtesy of Funtactix. "When we make the hardcore fans happy we know we've succeeded," Glassenberg told ISG.

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