Zynga has a Dream ... PetHouse available now on iPhone and iPad

Dream PetHouse iPad
Dream PetHouse iPad

After a test run on the Canadian App Store that sparked a week of colorful headlines, Zynga has finally launched Dream PetHouse for iPhone and iPad on the App Store. This tree house simulator was developed by Zynga New York, and like all Zynga games, Dream PetHouse is free to play. Players build and grow a massive tree house filled with various pets that grow from babies to adults.

In order to find new pets, players must continually build rooms in their tree house that are filled with new baby pets by storks. What pets you get are randomly chosen by the game, so you're encouraged to build more rooms if you don't receive the type of pet you wanted. To capture your pets' cutest moments (i.e. being babies), you can relive those memories through an in-game photo album.

When we first saw Dream PetHouse in its testing phase, we noted striking similarities to Tecmo Koei's Jollywood. And Zynga was keen to address those, if indirectly. "We know we are not the first company to create a game with a treehouse," Zynga's blog announcement reads, "and certainly not the first with a pet theme - we tip our hats to those who came before us and while we think they are the cat's meow, we feel deeply that Dream PetHouse moves these themes forward in fun and innovative ways."

Zynga expects to Dream PetHouse to launch on the App Store later today. As of this writing, the game is not yet available, but here's the download link for when that happens:

Click here to download Dream PetHouse for iPhone and iPad Now >

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