Could Your Shaky Personal Finances Get You Fired?

finances get you fired from workBy Chuck Saletta, The Motley Fool

Money troubles are hard to contain, and if your own finances are in shambles, the problems can quickly bleed through to the rest of your life. As private as you hope to keep such issues, don't kid yourself into thinking that you can hide them from your employer.

According to a recent study by the Society for Human Resource Management, some 83% of HR professionals think that personal financial challenges have at least some impact on employees' performance. Those same HR professionals aren't blind to economic reality -- 80% of them believe that employees at their organizations are facing more financial challenges than they were five years ago.

And it's not a stretch to connect the dots: How you manage your own money can have an impact on the work you do for your company.

Why HR Is Worried

Human resources managers worry about more than just employee well-being. The well-being of the company matters to them, too. If they suspect an employee's financial situation is challenging, you can bet that they've got at least one eye out for the risks that employee may pose to the company.

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