Valentine's Day Guide: FarmVille, CastleVille, The Sims Social, and more

Angry Birds Facebook ValentineFacebook games are gearing up for Valentine's Day with some surprising firsts in store. Extra special this year is that Rovio plans to bring Angry Birds to Facebook on that date. While we're not sure if Rovio will be sprucing up the launch with holiday appropriate themes (maybe they can bring in the Love Birds edition too), we do know that all the major Facebook games, such as FarmVille, CastleVille, and The Sims Social, won't miss the opportunity to sell players some virtual love.

To top it off, since The Sims Social debuted last fall, that means this year will be its first Valentine's Day. If there was ever a holiday made for the Sims, this day is it. With so much out there, we've rounded all the relevant posts into one place just so you can keep track of it all.

Visit this guide over the next two weeks for more as we play on.

The newest Valentine's Day game updates are at the top of each game list.

castleville valentines day

CastleVille Valentine's Day

The Sims Social Valentine's Day

farmville valentines day

FarmVille Valentine's Day

frontierville valentines day

Pioneer Trail Valentine's Day

hidden chronicles valentines day

Hidden Chronicles Valentine's Day

cityville valentines day

CityVille Valentine's Day

maple story valentines day

Maple Story Valentine's Day

Featured Valentine's Day Farms

farmville valentines dayValentine's Day Farm:
farmville valentines day farm anammmValentine's Day Farm:
farmville valentines day farm andreahoppsValentine's Day Farm:
farmville valentine day cocoon2905Valentine's Day Farm:
Valentine's Day Farm:
Valentine's Day Farm:

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