Tracy Morgan in Foreclosure Fracas Over Mom's Mortgage

Tracy Morgan foreclosure
Tracy Morgan foreclosure

Tracy Morgan is no stranger to controversy, but it's not often that a comedian can count his mother among his biggest critics.

The "30 Rock" funnyman is being accused of not helping to save his mother from foreclosure on her Ohio home, the New York Daily News reports.

Morgan's mother, Alicia Warden, told the Daily News that she owes approximately $25,000 on her home. After an apparent spat with Warden, in which Morgan accused his mother of speaking with the media behind his back, she claims that he reneged on his offer to help with the mortgage. Instead, he is currently offering a $2,000 "one-shot deal," Warden told the paper.

If Warden does not make a minimum payment toward the mortgage by Feb. 23, the lender will initiate foreclosure proceedings.

"He's never been a nice person," Morgan's younger sister, Asia, told the Daily News. She described her brother as a "d--- bag," who has gotten worse with fame and fortune. Morgan is worth an estimated $18 million.

Of course, Morgan's off-screen behavior is regular grist for the gossip mill, so much so that it's melded with that of his Tracy Jordan character on "30 Rock." Less than two weeks ago, Morgan passed out at a Sundance Festival awards ceremony shortly after giving what some called an incoherent acceptance speech, reported TMZ.

Neither drugs nor alcohol were found in Morgan's system, and a spokesman for him claimed that it was high altitude and fatigue that caused the spell, the San Francisco Chronicle said.

Last summer, Morgan was asked to apologize by the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation, when he said during a standup routine that he would stab his son to death if he was gay. Morgan issued the apology, and the topic was lampooned in a recent episode of "30 Rock."

When, if ever, this episode in Morgan's real-life family drama becomes sitcom fodder remains to be seen.