The Top 10 Free iOS and Android Games - January 2012

Iggy cat playing iPad
Iggy cat playing iPad

The first month of the year has been a tumultuous one in the world of mobile games. Between a (still) ongoing back-and-forth between Zynga and NimbleBit over the former's alleged copycatting of the latter's Tiny Tower and Spry Fox outright slapping 6waves Lolapps with a copyright infringement lawsuit, January has been nothing short of busy.

But on the verge of a new month, it's time to detox and forget about all of that if for a moment. And what better way to do that than to cuddle up with some fresh, free iPhone or Android games beside the fire, space heater, whatever? Luckily, we've gathered the top 10 games for each platform (as of this writing) with our signature brief, pithy quips. Without further delay, here are this month's top 10 free iPhone, iPad and Android games of January:

Top Free iOS Games

1. Card Ace: Casino
It would be easy to write this off as just another poker game, but you don't make it to the top for nothing. Self Aware Games' casino simulator now packs Roulette along with Texas Hold 'Em Poker, Blackjack, Slots and its own creation, Word Ace.

Where's My Water
Where's My Water

2. Temple Run
One of our favorites from 2011, Imangi Studios' endless runner returns to the iOS top 10 in what could end up as nearly an endless run as Angry Birds enjoyed back in the day. We'll be here all week--remember to tip your waitress.

3. Where's My Water
For all intents and purposes, this is Disney's answer to the Angry Birds and Fruit Ninjas of the world. However, the company takes a unique approach, providing water-based physics puzzles that are updated frequently.

4. Scramble With Friends
By our estimation, Zynga's revival of one of it's dead Facebook games (and a take on the classic word game Boggle) is worthy of its own SNL skit. Alec Baldwin's had his share of fun, so who's up next?

5. Pet Town
The next simulator game by Booyah asks, "what if pets were real?" Yeah, we don't get it either, but this game allows players to send their pets to the "Real-World" to interact with those physically around them.

6. Checkers With Buddies
If you dig Chess With Friends by Zynga, Stofle Designs hopes you'll be down with this mobile social take on the classic board game. And hey, it's checkers. Are there people out there that actually dislike checkers?

7. My Country
Whaddya know, it's another city building game. And, based on the description provided by developer Game Insight, My Country doesn't sound terribly different from the lot of them. Well, aside from the fact that it gets Sim City deep ... fast.

8. iMob 2
According to creator Addmired, this is the first game of its kind (mobile social mobster game, we guess) to employ a live chat system. Now your friends will have something else to blow your phone up about when you're trying to work. Awesome.

Tappily Ever After
Tappily Ever After

9. Tappily Ever After
Pocket Gems' mobile take on the kingdom-builder sub genre (second cousin to farm-builder), Tappily Ever After sure seems to have a sense of humor. In case you were wondering: "No dragons were harmed in the making of this game," Pocket Gems says.

10. Fluff Friends Rescue
SGN turns the cute up to 11, nay, dare we say 12 with this mobile social pet park slash rescue simulator. The game has a partnership with The Humane Society, so you know the developer is serious about its cute critters.

Top Free Android Games

1. Angry Birds
(Seriously, when is this going to end already?) Um, guess what? Rovio is bringing its money-printing machine to Facebook on Valentine's Day! Isn't that awesome?

2. Words With Friends Free
If you've yet to hear of this game, then you've either A. never read this blog or B. have not watched had access to any form of media conceivable for the past few years. Just download it already.

Line Runner
Line Runner

3. Line Runner
An endless runner that seems to cut the crap and get right to the point. With Line Rubber, creator Robert Szeleney strips the sub genre down to its bare elements: a game about a dude running along a line. That is all that matters.

4. Zombie Dash
Italy Games gives 3D Bowling a rest and looks to make a decidedly more action-packed adventure. Unfortunately its promotional screen shots contain neither action nor zombies, so who knows what to make of it?

Roller Ball
Roller Ball

5. Roller Ball
No, this is not a game based on the hardcore contact sport in a dystopian world. It's skeeball. We're not sure whether the term "skeeball" is trademarked or developer Words Mobile simply isn't very creative, but here we are.

6. Drag Racing
This racer by Creative Mobile just cannot get itself enough love from Android gamers. That said, it's not surprising that a Facebook version is in the works. Android-owning gear heads, do yourself a favor: Get on this hotness ... now.

7. Fruit Ninja Free
Halfbrick's flagship game is like a rite of passage for smartphones. They're just not complete without the ability to simulate the squishy sights and symphonies of slicing strawberries.

8. Word Search
Another returning champion, Melimots game is as self-explanatory as it gets. If you need an explanation, then you've never opened an activity book much less a newspaper.

9. Angry Birds Rio
Did you hear that the next Angry Birds games might use 3D graphics or physics? That's kind of neat-o.

10. Angry Birds Seasons
Oh yeah, and Kanye West is reportedly working with Rovio on ... something. We can't make this stuff up. (But we can make funny pictures about it.)

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Which of these free games have you tried already? Are there new free games out this month that you think should have climbed up the charts? Tell us about them in the comments. Add Comment.

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