Pioneer Trail Train Station / Railroad: Everything you need to know

Just a few days ago, we learned that a new railroad system would be coming to Pioneer Trail in the near future, but we haven't had to wait long for the feature to actually launch. The Railroad has finally come to our games, and along with it, we've met our in-game brother (Jasper) who has mysteriously been absent up until now. Either way, the in-game story goes that your brother is heading out west for the big Gold Rush and wants to bring you with him. Of course, before you can take off in a train, you'll need to build the Train Station first.

The Train Station (and in fact the Gold Rush itself) has been touted in the game via a directional sign ever since Pioneer Trail (then FrontierVille) launched back in 2010, and this large new feature has now taken up residence at the left side of your Homestead (similar to how the Anniversary Extravaganza is found on the right side).

Building the Train Station can be done in phases, and comes along with a series of goals.

Dealing with the Neighbors

  • Unwither 5 Neighbor Crops

  • Clear 12 Cactus

  • Complete Phase 1 of the Train Station

Phase 1 has you getting rid of the Varmints that are in this top area of your Homestead, as there are Groundhogs in the way. You'll need to collect various building materials to finish this stage (and all further stages off), with one item being a Trojan Groundhog (it can be crafted using eight Sulfur Crystals and two Wooden Groundhogs (ask your friends for them). When you finish these three steps, you'll receive Jumpin Jack (an item used for constructing the railroad), 200 coins and 250 XP.

Staying on Track

  • Clear 12 Wildflowers

  • Craft 5 Iron Ingots

  • Complete Phase Three of the Train Station

Iron Ingots are crafted out of two Coal and 10 Iron Ore, with Iron Ore being earned from friends, or by simply working around your Homestead. One of the items you'll need for this part of the train upgrade is Wet Cement, which is created using 10 Sticky Water (clear cactus or harvest melons) and five Limestone Sacks (ask friends). For finishing this goal, you'll receive 450 XP, Station Plans and the Rail Daily Bonus.

Laying the Groundwork

  • Bake 5 Chocolate Chip Cookies

  • Sell 50 Fully Grown Pomegranate Trees

  • Complete Phase Four of the Train Station

Chocolate Chip Cookies are crafted out of Chocolate Chops and Whipped Yolks. Yolks are earned by asking your friends to send them to you, while Chocolate Chips are crafted with Double Boilers and Baking Chocolates, both of which can be earned by asking your friends to send them to you. When you finish this goal, you'll receive a letter from Jasper, along with 950 XP, a Rail Supply Crate and more Station Plans.

Grand Frontier Station

  • Harvest 50 Peanuts

  • Sell 100 Adult Goats

  • Complete Phase Five of the Train Station

There's more item collecting here still, as you'll be able to collect items like Railroad Signs (those drop when collecting the Railroad Daily Bonus every 30 seconds, and you can also earn Steel Ingots at the same time. You'll need 10 Steel Ingots and seven logs of Canadian Spruce (ask friends to send them) to build the Train Platform to complete the Train station itself. For completing this Train Station, and finishing this final goal, you'll receive 1,125 XP, a Rail Supply Crate and a Train Conclucktor.

Along the way, you'll be able to collect items for the new Railroad Collection, which offers 300 XP and a Granny's Gut Punch from the Saloon when you turn it in. Hopefully, this will just be the first part of the new Gold Rush feature, and we'll make sure to let you know if that happens to be the case.

[Via and Image Credit: Zynga]

Are you excited that we're finally seeing references to the Railroad in Pioneer Trail, or had you given up all hope of it ever actually launching in the game? Sound off in the comments.