The Bluegrass State is home to a lot of U.S. social gamers [Infographic]

Spil Games Kentucky social gamersSpil Games, one of the biggest social game publishers this side of Zynga, found that the largest portion of its U.S. gamers live down south. According to an infographic created by the Hilversum, Netherlands-based company, Kentucky is home to the most Spil Games players in the U.S, which collectively spends an average of 85 minutes per month playing its games.

Among the publisher's 170 million monthly players that start 350 games every second on average, Brazil takes up the largest chunk of the number, followed by the U.S. of A, France, Poland and Indonesia. In 2011, Bubble Shooter was Spil Games' most popular game worldwide, which resulted in 5.3 billion bubbles blasted. In the U.S, however, Pet Party was most popular.

Unsurprisingly, Saturday is the most busy day of the week for Spil Games, but what's strange is that the busiest day of 2011 for the games company was Dec. 17. According to Spil Games, some of its paying players, which in some areas make up as much as 4 percent of the player base, pay up to $60 a month.

Spil Games CEO Peter Driessen expects each of its social games to make at least $5 million in 2012 alone. Considering the company has games across 40 some websites worldwide, Spil Games stands to make some serious coin this year. (However, the company didn't mention exactly how many games that is.) Check out the full infographic below.

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Spil Games 2011 State of Gaming
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