2012 London Olympics and Cadbury Creme Egg team up in Goo Games

Cadbury Creme Egg Olympics
Only 177 days stand between us and this year's Summer Olympics in London. As an official Olympic sponsor, Cadbury Creme Egg has taken a head start in promoting itself with a Facebook game launch to complement its TV ad campaign. Five ads are planned, the first of which is an Opening Ceremony done as stop-motion animation of Creme Eggs all too eager to "get their goo out."
Goo Games Goodles
In the Facebook game, aptly named "Goo Games", the Creme Eggs have their own version of the Olympics. Every sport is designed to smash them into splashy, chocolatey bits in one way or another. Three out of six eggy sports -- Goodles, High Splat, Triple Bump -- are currently available for play and are variations of real sports, such as Hurdles, Diving, and Long Jump. The other three -- Pummelled Egg, Pole Yolk, and Goo Throw -- are all listed as coming soon.
Goo Games
Built by Preloaded, a Shoreditch-based, casual games developer in London, Goo Games comes off as a very sleek and enthusiastic game that doesn't fail to represent the product well. But playing the game is another thing entirely.

Each sports event in the game requires an insane amount of keyboard-bashing of the Z and X keys, with a bit of Spacebar tossed in. Worst yet, the instructions make it look like you're suppose to alternate between repeatedly pressing the Z and the X, when you're better off pressing up-and-down on both. The goal of these games is to test your timing, but on top of destroying some virtual eggs, this game will seriously stress out the joints in your left fingers and your left wrist.

If you don't believe me, head over to the game's official Facebook fan page or click on the play link below to try it yourself.

Click here to play Goo Games on Facebook now >

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