This adorable 100-year-old woman loves her Nintendo DS [Video]

Nintendo DS grandmom
Nintendo DS grandmom

If you need to be reminded why the DS Lite--Nintendo's money-printing handheld gaming console--was so successful, then look no further. Meet Kathleen "Kit" Connell, a 100-year-old woman that claims her DS Lite helps her keep her mind sharp. In the video below, Kit says that she plays with her DS Lite for two hours every night before bed. "I can't speak highly enough of it," she says.

Kit claims that her "brain age" in an unnamed game (take a wild guess) is 64. According to the video's description, Kit lives on her own and is a grandmother of one. She also supposedly ran her first DS Lite ragged from playing it so much. It's not clear whether this is a Nintendo ad or just someone looking to prove the power of the DS Lite over old folk. Regardless, you'll wish your granny was this cool.

[Via Kotaku, Reddit]

Do either of your grandparents play with handheld game consoles, like the DS Lite? Do you think the 3DS will eventually see the same success with older gamers? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.

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