Karen Perry Loses Three Kids, Ex-Husband and Now Home?

First, Karen Perry endured divorce. Then, the death of all three of her children along with her ex-husband in a plane crash. Two months later, is this Arizona woman about to lose her home?

Perry, who has suffered enough heartache for a lifetime, will be moving out of her home in Gold Canyon, Ariz., after the financial troubles brought by her divorce from her late ex-husband, Shawn, forced her to put it up for a short sale.

And it's not just any home -- it's the house where Perry's now-deceased children were raised, KPHO reports. When Perry moved into the four-bedroom home with her then-husband six years ago, she was newly pregnant with her third child, Luke. Her second child, Logan, had just begun to walk. It was a home that held almost a decade's worth of happy family memories that Perry holds onto desperately -- so much so, that she didn't even have the heart to put her kids' toys away after her children, aged 6, 8 and 9, were killed.

The collective deaths of her loved ones, in a crash on the eve of last Thanksgiving in the Superstition Mountains, coupled with the prospective loss of her home, has taken its toll on the struggling homeowner.

"There's days that I wake up that I feel like someone's poured cement on me ... where I feel like I can't even move," Perry told KPHO. "I need all the help I can get right now."

Luckily, help is what she's been getting.

Perry has been flooded with thousands of letters of support and sympathy, including charitable donations from companies such as Delta Airlines, where Karen is a flight attendant.

Delta Airlines' Ladies Day Fund is currently offering to match donations to help Perry. They have already raised $10,000 in funds for their colleague, and have announced that until the end of January, they will match all donations by 15 percent, and until the end of February, they will match all donations by 10 percent.

You can donate to the Ladies Day Fund by mailing a check to:

Ladies Day Fun, Inc.
1000 Bourbon Street, #370
New Orleans, LA 70116

Arizona singer and songwriter Tina Vallejo also wrote a song in memory of Perry's three children titled, "Fly My Angel." The song can be purchased on iTunes, with a portion of the sales going towards Perry.