CityVille Storage Upgrade Goals: Everything you need to know


Over the weekend, CityVille players received the ability to upgrade their Goods storage buildings so that each individual building would store more Goods for use in your Businesses, Cruise Ship(s) or Hotels. If you've yet to start tackling these upgrades, you can do so while also completing a trio of new goals revolving around - you guessed it - upgrading your storage buildings. Here's a complete guide on doing just that.

Upgrade Your Storage

  • Upgrade one Sticks to Level 3

  • Harvest 40 Crops

  • Harvest 20 Neighbor Crops

Right out of the gate, we're left with a fairly time consuming goal, as upgrading a single Sticks building to Level 3 requires 78 individual building ingredients (as of this writing), with only one of the three kinds of building materials being available to collect on your own (from collecting crops). You can check out our complete guide to upgrading your Sticks storage buildings right here. For finishing this first goal, you'll receive 20 energy.

Upgrade Your Silos!

  • Upgrade 2 Silos to Level 3

  • Unload 40 Paris Parcel Ships

  • Collect from 80 Businesses

Each Silo requires less parts than a Sticks to upgrade to Level 3 - 48 individual parts, to be exact. Of course, you'll need to complete that entire process twice, so this is actually a more time consuming goal than the first. When you do finally finish, you'll receive 200 XP as a prize.

Upgrade Your Barns!

  • Upgrade 2 Barns to Level 3

  • Harvest 60 Pumpkins

  • Unwither 30 Neighbor Crops

As a general rule of thumb, you'll want to undertake this "Unwither" task by starting at the end of your friends list, rather than the front, as you'll be much more likely to find withered crops in the cities of friends who have stopped playing the game, rather than more dedicated veterans. As you complete that task, you can also wait for your friends to send you the ingredients to upgrade a single Silo to Level 3, with their being 63 ingredients required in all. Again, you'll need to collect this entire set of items twice (once for each individual Barn you upgrade), which, of course, makes this the most difficult goal yet. You'll be rewarded for your hard work not only with the ability to store a ton of additional Goods, but also with 50,000 coins.

There doesn't appear to be a time limit on these storage upgrade goals, so if you feel you already have enough Goods storage in your game (or simply want to finish other tasks before moving on), feel free to abandon them for now, as they'll likely be there when you do finally decide to take them on. Good luck in finishing all three!

Are you ready to dive into these lengthy building upgrades, or will you put off completing these goals until another time? Let us know in the comments!