Zynga under fire (again) for copycatting: This time, it's Bingo Blitz

Zynga Bingo copies Bingo BlitzJanuary has been a rather warm month in Zynga HQ. Between living with the doubts and expectations of analysts (and investors) and now the second copycatting allegation this month alone, the multibillion dollar social maker is in the hot seat. This time, Santa Monica, Calif.-based Buffalo Studios has lashed out at Zynga for allegedly copying its first social game, Bingo Blitz, one of Facebook's most recommended games of 2011.

The developer sent Zynga a letter in the same vein of NimbleBit's address regarding Tiny Tower, pointing out clear similarities between its game and Zynga Bingo, which currently is in a closed beta test. In fact, the letter is near identical to NimbleBit's, which Buffalo Studios does point out. (Though, we're not sure whether that exactly helps the developer's case. Just sayin'.)

The letter positions pictures of Bingo Blitz, which has garnered nearly 1 million daily players in the past year, according to AppData, next to Zynga Bingo. While it's admittedly tough to call Zynga out on its use of a Bingo board, the similarities between both games' mechanics like keys to open chests and boxes for power-ups as well as collection items are clear.

"We are moved that your new game was so inspired by our innovative product, Bingo Blitz," the snark-filled letter reads. "You've obviously played our game Bingo Blitz ... along with over 1 million other daily active users. Please tell your thousands of employees and shareholders that we hope they enjoy the games we're cooking up next." Ouch, and what if we told you that this is far from the first time? (And not just for Zynga?) We've reached out to Zynga for comment.

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Buffalo Studios letter to Zynga
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