iMob 2 for iPhone and iPad packs live chat in the mobile mafia wars

iMob 2
iMob 2

You know what we're missing on our phones? Incessant calls to arms in a digital mob war, that's what. Finally, the prayers we've put in your mouth have been answered, as Addmired recently released iMob 2 to the App Store for iPhone and iPad. The free mobile social game looks like its Facebook counterparts such as Mafia Wars and Mob Wars. However, Addmired wags one bullet point in front of those games: a self-touted, "industry-first real-time online chat system."

iMob 2, like all mobster social games, allows players to build families and form alliances in a conquest for control of, well, everything. In addition to completing jobs and experiencing new stories, players can collaborate to strategize attacks and socialize with their friends. The driving motivation behind this sequel is community, which, if you ask Addmired, is key to keeping more players around for longer.

"The community drives the experience and engagement in our games," Addmired CEO Gabriel Leydon said in a release. "With iMob 2, we focused on the right balance between gameplay and a vibrant in-game community that highly engages players over very long periods of time. From a new immersive story line, special items and casino games to expanded chat, alliances, and rankings, players are connected, engaged, valued, and entertained when they play in our shared world."

The (again self-touted) first free-to-play social game for Apple's devices now has a sequel, and it's more about community than ever. In that regard, you can imagine iMob 2 looks to one-up Zynga's Mafia Wars Shakedown. Whether that happens depends on how long players can take their mob friends blowing up their phone constantly.

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