FarmVille Winter Wonderland Chapter 6 Goals: Everything you need to know

Since Christmas is over in FarmVille, the elves of Winter Wonderland are left with a lack of work to do, so they've decided to throw an appreciation party for their friends to occupy their time. Of course, you'll be there every step of the way, and will receive plenty of prizes for your efforts. This Elf Party series is technically chapter 6 of the Winter Wonderland storyline, with FarmVille Freak discovering that there are 12 goals to complete in all, over the next two week time frame. Here's how to finish all 12 goals, along with a look at the prizes you'll receive.

Goal 1:

  • Get 4 Construction Paper

  • Harvest Train Station

  • Harvest 200 Red Iceberry

For this "Get 4 Construction Paper" task, you'll need to ask your friends to send them to you. The same setup goes for the rest of the "Get X Item" tasks for the rest of this goal series - asking your friends is the way to go. When you finish this first goal, you'll receive 100 XP, a Turbo Charger 3-Pack and 2,500 coins.

Goal 2:

  • Get 6 Glue Sticks

  • Make 2 Frozen Fruit Tarts

  • Harvest 200 Frozen Grapes

The Frozen Fruit Tart recipe can be crafted inside your Sweet Shoppe, with each individual one requiring two Red Iceberry, two Frozen Grape and two Rye Bushels to craft. You'll also need a four-star Sweet Shoppe to even have access to the recipe, so start crafting now! For finishing this goal, you'll receive 200 XP, a Popsicle Tree and 2,500 coins.

Goal 3:

  • Get 8 Glitter Jars

  • Harvest Popsicle Tree

  • Harvest 200 Snow Tulips

Rewards: Glitter Penguin, 300 XP, 2,500 coins

Goal 4:

  • Get 8 Streamers

  • Make Lollipop Recipe Twice

  • Harvest 225 Gingerbread

Lollipops require two Snow Tulip, two Frozen Grape and three Blueberry Bushels for each batch. When you finally finish this goal, you'll receive 400 XP, a Tangled Sheep and 2,500 coins.

Goal 5:

  • Get 8 Punch Bowls

  • Harvest Tangled Sheep

  • Harvest 225 Gummi Bears

Rewards: 400 XP, Boston Terrier, 2,500 coins

Goal 6:

  • Get 8 Party Poppers

  • Craft Gingerbread House Twice

  • Harvest 225 Holly

A single batch of Gingerbread House requires two Gingerbread, three Gummi Bear and two Coffee Bushels to create. You'll also need a four-star building for this recipe. For finishing this goal, you'll receive 400 XP, a Heart Polar Bear and 5,000 coins

Goal 7:

  • Get 8 Heart Snowballs

  • Harvest Heart Polar Bear Twice

  • Harvest 250 Carrotcicle

Rewards: 500 XP, Ice Heart Sculpture, 5,000 coins

Goals 8:

  • Get 8 Whoozi Wutzits

  • Harvest Winter Animal Pen

  • Harvest 250 Red Iceberries

Rewards: 500 XP, Heart Penguin, 5,000 coins

Goal 9:

  • Get 8 Shiny Bobdingers

  • Make Healthy Donuts Twice

  • Harvest 250 Gingerbread

A single batch of Healthy Donuts requires three Iceberg Lettuce, three Carrotcicle and two Pattypan Squash bushels to craft. When you finish this goal, you'll receive 1,000 XP, a Heartflake Tree and 10,000 coins.

Goal 10:

  • Get 9 Social Guides

  • Harvest Boston Terrier Twice

  • Harvest 300 Iced Rice

Rewards: 500 XP, Sasquatch Statue, 5,000 coins

Goal 11:

  • Get 10 Sasquatch Cologne

  • Make Peanut Brittle Twice

  • Achieve Mastery Level 2 for Iced Rice

Peanut Brittle requires three Iced Rice, two Gingerbread and two Peanut Bushels to craft. For completing this goal, you'll receive 500 XP, a Sasquatch Cave and 5,000 coins.

Goal 12:

  • Get 12 High Fives

  • Harvest 300 Frozen Grapes

  • Achieve Level 2 Mastery of Candied Yams

Rewards: 1,000 XP, High5omatic, 5,000 coins

As you can, these goals are pretty intensive when it comes to crafting items in your Sweet Shoppe, so if you have yet to level up to Level 4, you'll definitely want to start crafting anything you can, and make sure you have something crafting constantly to level up as quickly as possible. You can also pay Farm Cash to upgrade your Sweet Shoppe automatically, but I'd only do that as an absolutely last resort. Good luck!

Have you already leveled your Sweet Shoppe up to Level 4, or will you really struggle with finishing all of these 12 goals in time? Let us know in the comments!