FarmVille Mystery Game (01/29/12): Valentine's Day animals share the love

Another round of the FarmVille Mystery Game has launched this evening, with the game receiving a love-filled Valentine's Day animal theme. There are seven animals available to win in all (if you include the bonus free prize), and it costs 20 Farm Cash to play per dart, if you don't have any extra darts on hand to throw at the board for free.

This week, you'll have a chance at the following:

Pink Peacock
Pink Pegacorn
Pink Poodle
Pink Skunk
Rose Pony
Valentine Giraffe

If you can win at least one of each of these six animals, you'll walk away with the bonus prize: a Pink Parrot. This particular animal sits on a perch, for the record, rather than sitting on the ground like traditional animals. Just keep in mind that you'll be able to win duplicates in the process, making this more expensive.

There doesn't appear to be a free dart available just yet this week (as seems to have been the case over the past few weeks), but I wouldn't rule it out just yet. Just keep checking on your farms and you'll see if, if were are actually given one. Either way, these items will expire from the Mystery Game after a week, so make sure to play before they expire for your chance at the ones you want.

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What do you think of the animals in this week's Mystery Game? Which ones would you most like to win? Which ones did you actually end up with? Sound off in the comments.