FarmVille: Lighthouse Cove Storage Licenses aren't cheap

Do you remember those Zynga customer service agents that told players that Storage Transfer would be coming to FarmVille's Lighthouse Cove for 25 Farm Cash? Well, it turns out they were wrong, as the Lighthouse Cove Shipping License has now officially been added to the game for 75 Farm Cash - quite a jump from 25, wouldn't you say?

Now, before you start panicking, I do have some good news here. If you're not willing to purchase the shipping license for any amount of Farm Cash, a "free" option will eventually be released. The in-game store tells us: "Coming Soon: Free License at Cove Level 10," but that doesn't really help matters. What if you've already completed upgraded your Lighthouse Cove? Well, that's apparently not good enough just yet, as even doing so does nothing to unlock this storage transfer.

For now, we're left either paying 75 Farm Cash for the License (that's well over $10 worth of Farm Cash), or waiting until Zynga eventually gets around to releasing the free version. When looking inside your existing Storage Cellars, you'll see a button allowing you to purchase "Shipping Licenses," and there we're also told that a Winter Wonderland option will be coming soon. Whether or not both of these free options (assuming Winter Wonderland also has a free License available) will release before all of the snow can melt away in Winter Wonderland (figuratively of course) is anyone's guess.

Will you purchase a Lighthouse Cove storage transfer License for 75 Farm Cash, or will you wait a bit longer for the free option to eventually show up? Would you have purchased one if it did end up costing 25 Farm Cash instead? Let us know in the comments!