2K Games hiring for a social sports game of its own in the bullpen

Sports social game
Sports social game

We're nearing spring training time, so it's as accurate as wild speculation gets. Veteran games publisher 2K Games seems to be working on an unannounced sports-based social game, according to a recent job posting on CreativeHeads.net. 2K Sports is looking for an associate producer with at least two years experience in social gaming to start immediately.

"The Associate Producer will bring prior experience in the development and operation of social games and an understanding of the unique development, marketing, operation and analysis requirements involved in creating and operating successful ones," the posting reads. The job posting is filled with more buzz words than you can shake a résumé at, so we'll spare the details.

What matters is that 2K Sports, namely its Novato, Calif.-based Visual Concepts subsidiary studio, is working on a new sports game that will more than likely be optimized for Facebook. The publisher's first game on Facebook was CivWorld, a social version of the revered Civilization PC game franchise, which presses on with its 5,000 daily players.

Judging from the lack of long-lasting enthusiasm toward EA and ESPN's previous management-centric social sports games (compared to their console counterparts), we wouldn't be surprised to see this game take on a more action-packed play style than those. However, that's purely wishful thinking speculation on our part, just waiting to be crushed.

[Via Inside Social Games]

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