CityVille Storage Building Upgrades: Everything you need to know

As we all know, one of the biggest ways to earn money in CityVille is by simply collecting from and supplying your mass supply of Businesses. But, as we also know, your Goods will only go so far, and if you haven't dedicated massive areas of your city to farm land or Goods storage (or both), your city may not be as profitable as it could be. Since land space is often at a premium in the game, it wouldn't be surprising if you don't have as many buildings for storing Goods as you'd like, simply because you have saved that land space for homes or community buildings. If any of this applies to you, you'll likely be thrilled to know that you can now upgrade the Goods storage buildings that you do own to hold more Goods.

To be specific, these storage building upgrades apply to the Silo, Red Barn and Sticks buildings. Depending on the size of the original building, you'll need to complete harder tasks to actually upgrade them, but the basic setup for upgrading is the same. We'll use the Silo as an example.

To upgrade a Silo from Level 1 to Level 2, you'll need to collect three each of Wood, Nails and Siding. These are earned by sending out a combination of general news post requests and individual requests to your friends for help. You can also earn the Wood (just the Wood) at random when harvesting crops. When you collect these nine items, the SIlo will go from storing 100 Goods to storing 200 Goods. From there, you'll have to collect five each of the same building materials to reach Level 3 (500 total storage), and another eight of item to reach the final Level 4. When your Silo is upgraded to Level 4, it will hold 1,000 Goods.

The Red Barn and Sticks offer similar upgrades. Here's a complete rundown of their stats.

Red Barn

  • Level 1 - No Upgrade - 415 Goods stored

  • Level 2 - 5 each of three materials - 1,245 Goods stored

  • Level 3 - 7 each of three materials - 2,075 Goods stored

  • Level 4 - 9 each of three materials - 4,150 Goods stored


  • Level 1 - No Upgrade - 485 Goods stored

  • Level 2 - 6 each of three materials - 1,455 Goods Stored

  • Level 3 - 8 each of three materials - 2,425 Goods stored

  • Level 4 - 12 each of three materials - 4,850 Goods stored

Unfortunately, you'll need to complete all three of these upgrades for each and every storage building you own, so if you own a lot of these individual Barns or SIlos, you could dedicate an awfully long time in upgrading them. Still, only upgrading one or two of these individual buildings will have a huge impact on the amount of Goods you can store, so feel free to only tackle a couple, and then go back and upgrade more when you once again need more storage.

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What do you think of these Storage Building Upgrades? Will you start working on these upgrades right away, or have you purchased premium Goods storage in the past so that you won't have to? Sound off in the comments.