CityVille: Secure discounts on Halloween, Fall and San Francisco items and more

Do you have a few extra coins or City Cash to throw around in CityVille? Looking to purchase to some limited edition items to show off to your friends before it's too late? You might want to check out the Sale section of the game's store this week, as it's been updated with new items, including Skyscrapers and Community Buildings, along with items from the Halloween, Fall and Tiki themes, and more.

This sale is really a hodge-podge of items, so it's worth taking a glance at them. If you're not met with an in-game pop-up containing the image at right (which will take you to these items automatically), you can also find them manually in the store by looking under the Specials tab (the purple exclamation point) and then clicking on "Sale." You'll find items up to 40% off, like the Witch Rickety House, an item that has held on since Halloween, but can now be purchased for 39 City Cash.

Are any of these items actually bargains now? That depends on your viewpoint. While an item like the Fall-themed Agricultural Center (a Community Building) now only costs 12,000 coins, it takes up tons of land space, but only offers a population cap increase of 500 citizens. That's not a very good return, considering how much space in your city the building will occupy. Meanwhile, if you're an in-game millionaire, you can also pick up the Mint Mansion for 15% off. The new price? 4,462,500 coins (yes, that's 4.4 million coins).

With such a wide variety in the store, you owe it to yourself to check out these new sale items. Who knows? You just might find an item or two that you never knew you needed!

What do you think of the sale prices on these items? Will you pick any up since they've been discounted? Sound off in the comments.