Cafe World Nature Hike Catering Order: Everything you need to know

Were you a boy or girl scout as a kid? If so, you're probably no stranger to the occasional camping trip or hike. Bringing some of those memories (or even helping to make new ones) in Cafe World is a new catering order: Cater the Nature Hike. The Scout Leaders are taking their scouts up the mountain, and they're sure to be mighty hungry when they come back down. It's your job to make sure they have plenty of food to eat the end of the day, so let's get started.

For the cooking tasks, you'll need to serve Coffee Rubbed Burger (a four-hour dish) 999 times, Java Short Ribs (a 10-hour dish) 799 times, and Philly Cheesesteak (an 18-hour dish) 499 times. Now, I shouldn't have to tell you that those are some massive numbers, especially for an order that has just a three-day time limit for the best rewards. It seems that Catering Orders have just become more and more complicated as time goes by, instead of easier as so many users have requested. Still, if you're willing to take this challenge on, you'll be able to bring up to 12 of your neighbors in on it with you in an attempt to pass the cooking tasks around and make them more reasonable. Ah, who am I kidding? 2,300 dishes in a three-day period will never be reasonable.

Either way, you'll also need to collect 45 items from friends while your dishes are cooking. You'll have to collect 15 each of Merit Badges, Swimming Lessons and Bows and Arrows. All of these come from individual requests sent out to friends that you think will help.

If you can finish all of this within just three days, you'll receive the three-star rating, 15 Catering Points, 7,500 Cafe Points, 200,000 coins and the Roasted Marshmallows recipe. For finishing within the first five days, you'll receive two stars, 10 Catering Points, 5,000 Cafe Points and 125,000 coins, but remember, you must finish with the three star rating for the free recipe. Finally, finishing at any point after the first five days have passed gives you just one star, 5 Catering Points, 3,000 Cafe Points and 75,000 coins.

This is definitely one of the most labor intensive Catering Orders released so far, so I wish you all the best of luck if you're going for the three-star rating.

What do you think of this Nature Hike Catering Order? Are the requirements too much to ask for such a short period of time, or do you welcome such a tough challenge? Sound off in the comments.