Adventure World Riverfront Rescue Expedition: Everything you need to know

After months in the dense, wet jungle, we can now travel to the dry deserts of Egypt with Indiana Jones in Adventure World. There's a slew of new content available in this equally new territory, with one Expedition being called Riverfront Rescue. Indy's on hand, and you'll be able to travel around this new map-type to help rescue Indy's friend Sallah. As usual, we're here with a guide to help you do just that.

Rescue Sallah!

  • Recover Sallah's Old Shovel

  • Recover Sallah's Red Fez

  • Recover Sallah's Cummerbund

  • Speak to Sallah

This map is fairly lengthy, and contains new dust clouds that cover areas of the map from your view, which work the same as regular clouds on the Jungle maps. As most of the map is comprised of various shades of tan, feel free to hit the "Show Me" button within this quest menu to have the game pinpoint exactly where each item is.

Snakes and Scropians: Oh My!

  • Ask friends for 10 Venom Vials

  • Collect 5 Scorpion Tails

  • Collect 5 Cobra Teeth

As you interact with the items on this map, Scorpions will automatically appear to fight you, so don't worry if you don't see any at first glance. Meanwhile, Snakes can be spotted in little corners of the map - mostly areas that would wouldn't need to go to if you were just completing the main quest here. Finally, the Venom Vials are earned through a general request posted on your wall. Luckily, you have six days to finish this entire Expedition, if your friends don't help you out on your first time posting. It should also be noted that you need the Venom Vials before you can pick up the Tails and Teeth, as they're contain venom and you need a place to store them (the game physically won't let you pick them up without the vials).

Egyptian Treasure

  • Get 10 Emerald Scarabs

  • Get 10 Garnet Scarabs

  • Get 5 Lapis Pyramids

  • Enter a Treasure Cave

Instead of Jade and Ruby Vases, or even Azure Skulls as in previous maps, in Egypt, you'll instead be able to find different colors of Scarabs. Some of these are sitting out in the open, in plain view, while others are hidden in sand piles. You'll need a Shovel to dig these up, but don't bother trying to buy one from the store. Remember Sallah's shovel we have to recover for this Expedition? That's right, you'll be able to use it to dig these items out of the sand. Of course, once you remove the sand, you'll still have to spend another energy to pick the item up, so this map becomes pretty energy intensive rather quickly.

If you can finish this entire Expedition in the six days allotted, you'll have rescued Sallah and become even closer with our pal Indy. This is just the first of many adventures you'll have with Indy in Egypt, so keep checking back with us as we give you the details on completing even more of them!

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What do you think of this first Egyptian Expedition in Adventure World? Do you like the changes added to the map (the sand piles and scorpions)? Sound off in the comments.