The Sims Social A Very Shy Belle Quest: How to finish it fast

The Sims Social A Very Shy Belle Quest
The Sims Social A Very Shy Belle Quest

Now that you've had your Delusions of Grandeur in The Sims Social, it's time to move on to the next and final quest of Marie Antoinette Week. Playfish threw players a fast one this week with this quest, but thankfully it's relatively simple to complete. It's called "A Very Shy Belle," and rewards players with a sweet-looking fountain to decorate your yard with. Here's how to finish this 10 day-long quest fast and get your fountain ASAP:

A Very Shy Belle

  • Acquire Petite Belle Marie Doll

  • Acquire Petite Belle Martine Doll

  • Acquire Petite Belle Jeane Doll

Before even attempting this quest, it's recommended that you complete the Delusions of Grandeur quest line. To get the Belle Marie Doll, you must purchase it from the in-game Shop for 1,050 Social Points. The Belle Martine Doll will be rewarded to players that complete the "Create Signature Scent" skill using the Elegance Perfume Table, which costs 7,500 in the Shop. (Read: You can skip the other skills to complete this task.) Finally the Belle Jeane Doll is a reward for finishing Delusions of Grandeur. See?

However, you'll have to build the Belle Marie Doll, which requires eight Ice, three Light Boxes and eight Paints. You can request Ice from friends through general News Feed posts. Luckily, you can earn Light Boxes by performing skill actions with either the Comic Art Drafting Board or the DraftBlast Artboard, and Paint can come from leveling up Art Skill using any Easel. After completing Delusions of Grandeur, that fountain will be yours in no time.

[Source and Image Credit: Aude06]

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