Pioneer Trail Anniversary Extravaganza: Everything you need to know

Time flies when you're having fun, as we've learned this week in Pioneer Trail that Hank and Fanny are about to celebrate their one year anniversary. To be fair, the couple has only been married for about half that time, but let's not forget that the romance was first allowed in the game around Valentine's Day in 2011. Sure, the game has text that talks about it being a year after they got married, but we'll give Zynga the benefit out of the doubt that those are just oversights and that we didn't actually travel into the future. Either way, Hank wants to cook a great dinner for Fanny, but needs our help. On top of that, Fanny doesn't have anything pretty enough to wear for this grand occasion, so you'll need to help her as well! Let's get started on our look at how to do just that.

Keepin' Fanny Busy

  • Click on Plan the Date from Hank's Anniversary

  • Tend 60 Apple Trees

  • Clear 8 Wildflowers

The "Hank's Anniversary" phrase here applies to a pond and tree that have appeared on the outskirts of the right side of your Homestead, and the rest of this event will deal with upgrading that area as you go along. By clicking on the lake and then clicking on "Plan the Date," you'll pass that task. When you finish this first goal, you'll receive a Gazebo, a Bridge Buildin' Book and 300 XP.

On the Right Foot

  • Hire Bess Twice

  • Sell 25 Adult Sheep

  • Help Hank Fix Up the Lake

To fix up the lake, you'll need to gather parts from your friends (four Lake Flowers, three Flowered Hedges and six Romantic Candles) and will also need to have 150,000 coins to spend, have the Bridge Buildin' Book from the last goal and eight Row Boat Planks, which are earned by chopping Pine Trees. Combine all of that to finish this particular building project and goal task. When you finish the other steps of this goal and complete it entirely, you'll receive some Comfy Shoes, three Pink Lily Seeds and 400 XP.

All Dressed Up

  • Harvest 25 Pink Lilies

  • Collect 10 Draping Fabric

  • Help Fanny Get Ready for her Date

Similar to the lake upgrades above, you'll need to collect items for Fanny's outfit that she'll wear on the date. You'll need to ask your friends to send you six Pearl Necklaces and eight Silver Bangles, and will then have to craft six Fancy Skirts. These are made with Blue Clothes and pieces of Strong Thread, which are both earned from friends. Finally, you'll need to tend Adult Sheep to earn 10 Wool Fleece and collect the daily bonus from the Tailor's Shop to earn three Muslin Pieces. With that done (along with this goal's two other tasks), you'll receive eight Mixed Tulip Seeds, some Fancy Glasses and 500 XP.

Getting Gussied Up

  • Harvest 25 Cotton

  • Harvest 35 Mixed Tulips

  • Help Fanny with her Makeup

Here, we're left with a similar situation as before, but you'll need to collect eight Fancy Beads and six Classy Makeup items from friends, craft three Dress Bonnets and eight "Love is in the Air" items, collect eight Floral Accents from harvesting Lilies and of course have the Fancy Glasses from the last goal to finish here. When you finish this goal, you'll receive a Frontier Cookbook, a Stylish Sheep and 600 XP.

Cookin' Up Romance

  • Harvest 60 Corn

  • Harvest 80 Tomatoes

  • Help Hank with Some Finishing Touches

This goal deals with Hank actually cooking the dinner, so you'll need to craft six Mushroom Cream Sauces and 12 Love is in the Air items, ask your friends for 15 Place Settings and 10 Sparkling Ciders, and tend adult cows until you've earned 10 Filet Mignon. For finishing this goal, you'll receive a Dinner Table, a Waiter Duck and 600 XP.

Flowers for Fanny

  • Collect 3 General Store Daily Bonuses

  • Harvest 50 Pink Roses

  • Harvest 40 Red Roses

For finishing this last goal, you'll receive three Magnolia Trees, a Date Album and two more Stylish Sheep. You'll also be able to purchase more of these Magnolia trees from the store for 9,500 coins each, if you'd like to do so.

[Via and Image Credit: Zynga]

Along with the Tunnel of Love, you've got a lot to work on this Valentine's Day holiday, but we'll make sure to let you know if anything else launches on top of this.

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