Watch Mario punt a Gamecube, personally deliver your Wii U [Video]

Mario punts Gamecube
Mario punts Gamecube

Yes, Nintendo's earnings for early 2012 are down, thanks to a late-to-start 3DS and (arguably) the mobile gaming explosion. With that, the Kyoto, Japan-based company looks to the upcoming Wii U to bring it back into the black. But what if Super Mario himself delivered each and every Wii U console--and every future piece of Nintendo hardware, for that matter? Now, that'd be something.

Thanks to Taiwan's Next Media Animation TV, we all can now live out that fantasy. NMATV has posted a video describing the recent news in the most creepy if briefly hilarious way possible. Watch Mario cry under the weight of an old Game Boy, watch Mario punt a Gamecube and watch Mario suck money from old folks' pockets with a vacuum. Heck, even watch NMATV make wide claims like "the 3DS makes people sick," based on studies. Trust us, it'll be a blast:

Would you like to get all of your video game news this way? Do you plan on picking up a Wii U when it hits, Mario delivery or not? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.

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