MindJolt's Jewels of the Amazon looks to shine on Facebook [Video]

Jewels of the Amazon on Facebook
Jewels of the Amazon on Facebook

Diamond Dash and Bejeweled Blitz, beware: A new crystal-crusher approaches. MindJolt has announced that its next big social game, Jewels of the Amazon, is now available on Facebook. Following in the footsteps of its successful Bubble Atlantis, Jewels of the Amazon is a take on the arguably saturated match-three genre of puzzle games, but with a brief storyline.

Players can either tackle the game's 70 levels through eight different ancient tribal worlds littered with different obstacles, like varied board shapes, and power-ups like bombs, rainbows, multipliers and a bonus frenzy mode. There's also a Bonus Island for players to take on, which provides the blitz-like play that Bejeweled Blitz popularized on Facebook. According to MindJolt, the San Francisco-based studio plans to update Bonus Island weekly with new game boards.

Of course, there are weekly leaderboards in Jewels of the Amazon, driving players to compete for number one. Friends can also team up by sending each other power-ups to master the game's trickier levels. It looks like MindJolt plans for Jewels of the Amazon to become its next big franchise, as a mobile release in the works, too. Check out the woefully short trailer below:

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Are you a Bubble Atlantis fan, and are you intrigued by Jewels of the Amazon? Do you think there's room for another match-three game on Facebook? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.

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