CityVille Villa Rotonda: Everything you need to know

Do you like being told where to expand your land in CityVille, if it means being rewarded with an exclusive (usually awesome prize) in the process? If so, the new Villa Rotonda feature is for you, as it allows users level 55 and above to finish a new goal - Italian Renaissance - and earn the Villa Rotonda home.

There are actually three tasks to this goal in all:

  • Collect 30 Villa Blueprints

  • Collect from a Level 3 Library 5 Times

  • Expand to the Villa Rotonda

The Villa Blueprints are earned through a general news item shared on your wall, while you can learn more about the Library's upgrades right here. For the expansion requirement, it looks like this Villa Rotonda will be on the far right side of the map for most players, but of course its exact position depends on which expansions you've already unlocked on your own. As it stands, you'll need to complete the same basic expansion tasks - adding population and collecting Zoning Permits - to expand out to the Rotonda. Once you make it out there, you will have to actually finish this goal before being given the Rotonda as a permanent item in your town.

Placing the item in your city reveals its stats: a population of up to 4,850 citizens, and rent in the amount of 490 coins each day. This entire goal (and the Villa Rotonda itself) will only stay active in the game until February 8, so you'll need to expand as quickly as you can to make sure you have a chance of reaching (and keeping) this item long after that date. Good luck!

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What do you think of this Villa Rotunda feature? Will you expand your land out to reach it? Sound off in the comments.