Yeti Town maker: Plagiarism claims are part of a 'natural process'

Yeti Town
Yeti Town

But what "natural process," exactly? During an interview with Gamasutra, 6waves Lolapps CPO Arjun Sethi and recently-acquired Escalation Studios' Marc Tardiff defended against claims that the latter's Yeti Town for iPhone was a clone of independent developer Spry Fox's Triple Town for Facebook and Google+, which has since landed on iPhone, iPad and Android.

Yeti Town beat Triple Town to the punch on Apple devices, employing a blatantly similar match-three play style in which players match like objects to create new ones in a town environment. "There are a lot of other match-three games out there that are similar, and I think that being criticized like that is just part of a natural process," Sethi said to Gamasutra.

However, Tardiff explained to Gamasutra that Yeti Town wasn't even originally intended for commercial release. It wasn't until the game took shape that the two decided to bring it to iPhone, where a game of its kind had yet to see the light. (Perhaps that's because Spry Fox was still working on it?)

"Even if you look at something like Minecraft and Infiniminer... they started off in similar places, but Minecraft has evolved so much in the last year or so into something completely different, and we want Yeti Town to take the same approach," Tardiff told Gamasutra. Copycatting allegations aside, 6waves Lolapps plans to further differentiate Yeti Town from other games with new content. We've reached out to Spry Fox for comment.


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