Risk: Factions invades again with three adorable Sims Social plushies

Jenny Ng
Risk Factions plushy
Risk Factions plushy

Not content with just a free arcade giveaway, Playfish/EA dropped three more Risk: Factions goodies into The Sims Social today to promote the global domination strategy game. The items are a trio of stuffed toys meant to represent the three generals of the Risk: Factions universe -- General William P. "Fatty" McGutterpants (jingo all the way, USA!), Generalissimo Meow (an obvious nod to Mao Zedong), and Colonel Claus Von Stiffenberg (modeled after Claus von Stauffenberg).

This generalissimo trio can be found in the Specials and Decorations sections of The Sims Social store. While the plushies don't add to your House Value, you'll still get House Value drops, so just click on them to be rid of them, or wait for them to go away. Also, unlike the free arcade machine, which you can sell for 150 Simoleons, these plushies don't sell for anything. But if you're a plushophile, you should grab them while you can, because they'll only be in the store for the next five days.

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