The Sims Social Delusions of Grandeur Quest: How to finish it fast

The Sims Social Marie Antoinette Week
The Sims Social Marie Antoinette Week

This week's theme in The Sims Social is just darling, don't you think. It's the oh, so very elegant Marie Antoinette Week in Playfish's hit social game. Of course, along with that comes a lovely quest to complete. Titled "Delusions of Grandeur," players must complete six different tasks within seven days to fulfill the quest and ultimately receive a red-headed doll.

In order to complete Delusions of Grandeur, players must have at least nine friends, 7,500 Simoleons and 2,050 Social Points. Without anymore delay, here's how to finish this new quest fast:

Delusions of Grandeur Part 1

  • Clean or Polish 6 Items at Home

  • Practice Blowing a Kiss 3 Times

  • Practice Playing Harp

To clean or polish items, they must be dirty. If you have no dirty items, you must use them enough to have to clean them. Visit three different friends, click on them and choose the "Blow Kiss" option to complete this second task. Finally, Bella has a Harp at her house this week you can practice on.

Delusions of Grandeur Part 2

  • Tell 5 Sims to Expect Royal Visit

  • Have 12 Relaxation

  • Clean or Polish 3 Items at Friends

The first task is as simple as visiting five different friends' houses, clicking on them and choosing the relevant option. Relaxation comes from sleeping, watching TV on a couch or directly asking friends. To clean or polish 3 friends' items, they must be different items, but can be in the same friend's house.

The Sims Social Elegance Perfume Table
The Sims Social Elegance Perfume Table

Delusions of Grandeur Part 3

  • Have 10 Bling

  • Have 2 Items from New Collection

  • Ask 3 Friends for Maid

Bling always comes from either Blue Plumbobs in the backyard, Treasure Chests (also in the backyard) or asking friends directly through the game. This task is what's going to cost you a nice chunk of Simoleons and Social Points. You may as well purchase the Petite Belle Marie Doll (1,050 Social Points) for a future quest, as well as the Elegance Perfume Table for 7,000 Simoleons. The final requirement for this task depends on how quickly your friends respond to your News Feed, so do this first.

Delusions of Grandeur Part 4

  • Have Wig from New Week Collection

  • Wearing the Wig, Bow or Curtsy to six Sims

  • Learn to Speak Proper 10 Times

The cheapest wig in the new collection is the Gateau Wig, which costs 1,000 Social Points. To bow or curtsy six other Sims, you must perform chat actions with them until the option to either Bow or Curtsy appears. Just use the computer--choosing the right option, of course--10 times to complete this task. You can use friends' computers to save energy.

Delusions of Grandeur Part 5

  • Tell 8 Sims You Only Eat Cake

  • Remove Bread from 8 Sims' Fridge

  • Tell 3 Friends You Don't Mix with Commoners

Telling eight Sims this is as simple as visiting, clicking on them, and choosing the corresponding option. The same goes for the second task, only with fridges rather than other Sims. Finally, post a News Feed to give three friends the message, so do this first.

The Sims Social fountain
The Sims Social fountain

Delusions of Grandeur Part 6

  • Have 3 Dirty or Broken Items in your House

  • Warn 9 Sims Against being Taken by Madame de Pomposim

  • Paint Mustache on Madame Pomposim Painting

To get three dirty or broken items in your house, you must use the items until they become either. To warn nine Sims, just visit them, click on them and press the relevant option. Bella owns a painting of the woman, so visit her house and paint the mustache there. When you finally complete this set of goals, you'll earn the red-headed doll.

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