First free, now mobile: Portal maker blasts iPhone, Android with Steam

Steam iPhone Android
Steam iPhone Android

Unfortunately, this doesn't mean you'll be launching portals on your iPhone anytime soon. But what it does mean is (almost) just as awesome. The Steam Store has hit iPhone, iPad and Android devices for absolutely free. Through the app, users can browse the current selection of PC and Mac games available on Steam, purchase them for download later and a bunch of other nifty stuff.

Of course, users connect their Steam account to the mobile app, and can connect with their friends through Steam Chat. According to the announcement website, you can also continue an existing chat on Steam Mobile from your Mac or PC. And what's a better conversation starter than, "What level are you on?" Steam Mobile allows users to see what games their friends are playing, just like on the desktop application.

Though, we're sure what Valve, creators of the Steam distribution service and games like the Portal series, are most excited about is the fact that users can shop for new PC and Mac games on their Apple or Android device. Valve has made several improvements to its Steam service, embracing the free-to-play games (you know, the games you like?) and mobile movements. Now, all we need is an HTML5 version of Team Fortress 2 to play on the go. Well, get to it, guys.

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