Honey Badger don't give a $#@%! that it's on iPhone, Android [Video]

The Honey Badger Don't Care
The Honey Badger Don't Care

That hungry little bastard is starving for some more attention. Honey Badger, the 2011 YouTube video wonder, now has its own iPhone and Android game, thanks to MEDL Mobile. The "badass" narrator of the infamous, hilarious video was enlisted to narrate the game, which puts players in control of a honey badger as it searches for food and generally doesn't give a $#@%!.

The game, titled The Honey Badger Don't Care, is yet another "endless runner" game, like Jetpack Joyride or Temple Run. But players must race against a constantly-depleting hunger bar that only fills when the honey badger collides with cobras, scorpions and mice. However, players must steer clear of obstacles like logs, rocks and bees, which will bring the little bugger's strength meter down and put him to sleep.

The play hook doesn't look or sound particularly enthralling, but hearing Randall (the original video's narrator) commentate on your every move in the game sounds downright hilarious. However, whether those laughs are worth $1.99 on the App Store or Android Market is your decision. But only decide for yourself after watching the trailer, stupid.

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