Game of the Day: Twin Shots 2

Today's Game of the Day is the cutest bundle of pixels we've ever seen, and it's got a co-op mode for double the fun. Created by British indie game developer, Nitrome, Twin Shots 2 features two adorably pudgy feline archers as they shoot down equally adorable-looking and colorful monsters.

The game comes with two themes: Good and Evil. Each theme is packed with 50 stages of platforming action and some environmental puzzle-solving. Let's say you're in a stage where you can't reach a ledge, but you can jump on the arrows that you shoot as a way to climb higher. Some surfaces, such as metal, are impossible for an arrow to stick to, but there's always ways to get around these difficulties, which is what makes the game fun.

Click here to play Twin Shot 2!

Twin Shots 2 Nitrome

Is the 2-player mode great? How many levels did you manage to beat in Twin Shot 2?

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