FarmVille Model Farm shows off Valentine's Day items, offers free prizes

Like every other installment of the Model Farm in FarmVille, a new edition is now available celebrating Valentine's Day, and also offering items for you for simply taking a few seconds to check it out. As usual, this Model Farm is nothing but a visual representation of some of the themed items you can currently purchase in the store, giving you a way to see items in their full sizes, sitting next to other like-objects. In theory, you can take some decorating ideas away from the Model Farm, and can also purchase these items instantly by just clicking on them.

If you're just in it for the goodies however, know that your first prize isn't so hot: just 500 coins. Still, with all of the coin land expansions that have recently released, you might need every coin now more than ever, so it definitely doesn't hurt to pick these up. Make sure to go back to the Model Farm everyday for a new prize.

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What sorts of items do you hope come as prizes from visiting this Model Farm? More coins? Arborists? Farmhands? Sound off in the comments.