FarmVille Valentine's Day Items: Intertwined Tree, Romantic Tower and more

While tonight's FarmVille update may have offered the launch of some new Valentine's Day items in the game's store, not all of them are working as functioned, as of this writing. Whether it be a broken item image in the store, or just a shadow of an item once you purchase it for your land (my Intertwined Tree is currently invisible, for instance), FarmVille is definitely suffering from some issues. Still, we can at least bring you a list of the items released in the game's store this evening, so you'll have a chance to prepare for when the store gets back to working 100%.


Intertwined Tree - 8 Farm Cash
Heart Shape Tree - 14 Farm Cash


Kiss Ram - 16 Farm Cash
Cupid Pig - 16 Farm Cash
Giant Romance Cow - 22 Farm Cash
Romance Cow - 20 Farm Cash
Romance Horse - 26 Farm Cash
Thuringian Goat - 2.5 million coins


Romantic Tower - 15 Farm Cash


Anemone - 10,000 coins
Heart Shaped Planter - 10,000 coins
Love Fountain - 10 Farm Cash

Avatar Clothing

Love Bug - 5 Farm Cash

In addition to these items, there's also a Pink Swan Lake up for grabs via a collection. You'll need to purchase seven of this update's new items (both trees, some animals, and more) to unlock it, but you'll have just one week to get it done. These items themselves will remain in the game's store for two weeks, so if you want this Pink Swan Lake, make sure to go shopping sooner, rather than later.

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Have you had any problems with the items released in tonight's FarmVille update? Let us know in the comments.