FarmVille Chinese New Year Goals: Everything you need to know

While the Chinese New Year holiday may have already passed (this year it was on January 23), apparently Zynga has decided that it's never too late to celebrate, as a series of Chinese New Year goals have launched in the game, bringing with them themed prizes and even a Mystery Dart. As reported by the folks at FarmVilleFreak, there are nine goals in all, and you'll have two weeks to finish them across your farms.

A Clean Sweep

  • Get 4 Brooms

  • Harvest 2 Chicken Coops

  • Harvest 50 Lilac

This "Get 4 Brooms" task and every other "Get X Item" task requires you to ask your friends to send you these items, either through general news posts on your wall, or individual requests sent to specific neighbors. Meanwhile, Chicken Coops are available to harvest once per day, and Lilacs take 10 hours to grow. When you finish this first goal, you'll receive 100 XP, a Lunar New Year Cow and 1,000 coins.

Paint the Town Red

  • Get 6 Paint Brushes

  • Harvest Lunar New Year Cow

  • Harvest 75 Strawberries

Rewards: 150 XP, Lunar New Year Chicken, 2,000 coins

A New Year's Feast

  • Get 8 Woks

  • Harvest Lunar New Year Chicken Twice

  • Harvest 100 Soybeans

Rewards: 300 XP, Lunar New Year Tree and 1,000 coins

A New Year's Cake

  • Get 8 Cake Decorations

  • Harvest Lunar New Year Cow Twice

  • Harvest 125 Wheat

Rewards: 500 XP, 20 Shovels, 2,500 coins

Share the Wealth

  • Get 8 Lunar Red Envelopes

  • Master Lunar New Year Cow to Level 1

  • Harvest 150 Rice

Rewards: 750 XP, Lunar New Year Pig, 2,500 coins


  • Get 8 Lunar Firecrackers

  • Master Lunar New Year Chicken to Level 1

  • Harvest 150 Flowers

Rewards: 1,000 XP, Turbo Charger 3 Pack, 5,000 coins

Loud Noises

  • Get 9 Snug Sweaters

  • Harvest Lunar New Year Pig

  • Harvest 150 Rhubarb

Rewards: 1,250 XP, Lunar New Year Sheep, 5,500 coins

Light Show

  • Get 10 Large Flashlights

  • Harvest Lunar New Year Sheep

  • Harvest 150 Morning Glory

Rewards: 1,500 XP, Mystery Dart, 7,500 coins

Apples to Horses

  • Get 12 Large Water Bottles

  • Master Lunar Sheep to Level 1

  • Harvest 200 Carrots

Rewards: 2,000 XP, Lunar New Year Horse, 10,000 coins

With these Turbo Charger and Mystery Dart prizes, you'll not only have a chance to farm a lot easier (at least for a brief time), but will also be able to walk away with an item (in the case of the Mystery Dart) that would otherwise cost around 16-20 Farm Cash. That's a pretty great deal, considering that these goals are mostly "free" to complete. Just remember to finish them within the two week period