Disney Theme Parks Relax Their 'No Beard' Rule

Disney employees beardsBy Rick Aristotle Munarriz, The Motley Fool

Disney (DIS) is loosening up its strict dress code for theme park employees.

Starting a week from Friday, Disney will allow its hires to sport beards and goatees.

That's a pretty bold step for the family entertainment giant. Disney has always had rigid grooming requirements. The rules governing the wholesome and clean image presented by theme park employees -- whom the company calls "cast members" because they are part of the show -- dates back to Walt Disney's tight standards for appearance.

Even a mustache like the one Walt himself sported was forbidden for guest-facing cast members until just a few years ago.

However, Disney has been relaxing its dress code in response to changing cultural mind-sets. For example, for the past two years, women have no longer been required to wear pantyhose if they're donning skirts.

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