9 Big Companies That Will Disappear in 2012

American Apparel
American Apparel

As surprising as it may seem to many of us when large corporations with familiar brands vanish suddenly from the scene, it happens. Major companies like Saab, Borders, and Countrywide -- just to same a recent few -- are now history.

It can come about in several ways: A company can go bankrupt and see its assets sold off. A name may get discarded when a company is acquired. Or a company may cease to exist due to a merger or liquidation.

But who's next? What well-known companies will disappear in 2012?

24/7 Wall St. compiled its list of companies most likely to vanish by focusing on those that are serious mergers and acquisitions targets, those that are weak players in industries with too many competitors for any to become highly profitable, corporations that Wall Street believes are worth more in parts than intact, and generally, those in good old-fashioned deep fiscal trouble.

Theses are the 9 companies that we're betting won't survive to see 2013.