Tackling MapleStory Adventures' Wrath of Ravana [Exclusive Video]

MapleStory Adventures Ravana
MapleStory Adventures Ravana

MapleStory Adventures looks more like its predecessor with every update, and Wrath of Ravana is certainly no exception. Of course, Nexon's leading Facebook game (though sadly on a downward slope) has its own charms, like not having to wait for your friends to go dungeon diving. And that's exactly what the developer has introduced: the social game's first ever dungeons, The Wasteland of Souls and The Forgotten Temple.

Nexon has also introduced a new item to MapleStory on Facebook, the Horn of Friendship, which lets players repeatedly summon four friends to help defeat dungeon bosses without waiting for the cooldown periods. However, this item costs Facebook Credits in various amounts, so be prepared to pay up for the tactical advantage. Speaking of which, Nexon has added new stats to consider on almost all player equipment.

Now, pieces of gear will pack Dodge, Critical, and Luck in various amounts. Dodge will decrease your likelihood to be hit by enemy attacks, Critical will increase the chance for your attacks to do extra damage and Luck will increase how often enemies drop items. Players can enchant their gear with these new stats, too, so they can customize equipment according to their play style. And, thanks to MapleStory Adventures producer Jacob Zabie, we have exclusive tips for how to master it all:

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