CityVille Global TV Network Goals: Everything you need to know

A lengthy new feature has launched in CityVille this week, asking you to complete four goals in a new Global TV Network series. This feature comes with a new building to construct, and also rewards you with a special apartment building at the end. As usual, we're here with a guide on how to complete these four goals, claiming all of the game's prizes along the way.

Global TV Network!

  • Ask friends for 12 Business Cards

  • Complete the Global TV Network Building

  • Collect from 40 Shipping Routes

Business Cards are earned through a general news post placed on your wall. Meanwhile, the Global TV Network building has a base that requires eight energy to build. Once that's done, you'll need to ask your friends to come work inside the building, until you've acquired 16 staff members in all. Finishing the Global TV Network building gives your city a population cap boost of 1,700 citizens. When you complete this goal, you'll receive 25,000 coins and five Energy.

Breaking News

  • Collect 15 News Reels

  • Increase Population by 2,000

  • Collect from 60 Businesses

It doesn't matter which businesses you collect from, so long as you do so from 60 in total. Also, it doesn't matter how you increase your population, so feel free to build as many or as few homes as you'd like, with all sorts of different stats, or even collect from existing homes to receive random population moving vans. TIP: As with previous goals, it's presumed that if you store 2,000 citizens worth of homes in your Warehouse before this goal begins, you can pull them back out of storage to count towards this task. Regardless of whether you take the easy path or not, finishing this goal gives you 300 XP and five energy.

Channel Surfing

  • Collect from Television Tower 3 Times

  • Have 6 Phone Towers

  • Collect from Apartments 30 Times

The Television Tower has been available in CityVille since February of 2011, but if you've yet to build one, you just need to ask seven friends to come be staff inside. Meanwhile, the Phone Towers are decorations (each with a 5% payout bonus) that can be purchased from the store for 4,000 coins each. When you finish this goal, you'll receive 25,000 coins and five energy.

We're On the Air!

  • Collect from Global TV Network 4 Times

  • Collect 50 Resumes from Residences

  • Send 50 Tour Buses

The Tour Buses are of course found when helping out in your friends' cities, and you can also ask your friends for the Resumes, if you'd rather not wait for them to spawn in your own game at random. Finishing this final goal gives you the Bushwick Apartments, a housing unit that offers 1,000 - 1,960 population for your town. You'll be able to collect 194 coins in rent from the building every two hours.

This is a pretty hefty goal series, but there doesn't look to be a time limit on completing it as of this writing. That being the case, take your time with each step so that you don't become overwhelmed. After all, CityVille is a game, and it stops being one when you're not having fun. Good luck!

[Via: CityVille Wiki]

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