Watch out, CityVille: Angry Birds will nest on Facebook Feb. 14 [Video]

Angry Birds Facebook
Angry Birds Facebook

Rovio plans to give Facebook gamers everywhere an extra gift this Valentine's Day. The Finnish game developer has officially announced that Angry Birds will land on Facebook this Feb. 14. The game has had its fair share of fakes and tests on Facebook since Rovio first announced that intended on invading the social network. But this time, it's for reals--it even has a trailer!

And, based on the trailer, this version of Angry Birds looks like much more than a simple port. It looks like players will have access to power-ups for their birds, namely super-sizing and improved slingshots along with three more. The Mighty Eagle also looks like it might make an appearance in this version of the game, too.

With Rovio headed for Facebook, competition on the platform is about heat up in a big way. If Angry Birds' success, well, everywhere else is any indication, we wouldn't be surprised if this game gave both Zynga and EA a run for their money. Check the trailer below:

Are you psyched for Angry Birds to hit Facebook? Do Zynga, EA and the other social game big wigs have anything to worry about? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.

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