Rovio's Angry Birds might fly into the third dimension, says Nvidia

Angry Birds 3D
Angry Birds 3D

The Angry Birds are poised to give the likes of Zynga and EA a real challenge on Facebook, but that's not all Finnish developer Rovio has up its sleeve. According to Nvidia VP of mobile content Neil Trevett, Rovio looks to bring more depth to its flagship franchise. As in 3D. As in better graphics.

"We've been speaking to Rovio, and they... " Trevett said during Mobile Game Forum 2012 in London. He stopped himself from revealing specifics when responding to a question regarding 3D graphics effect on casual games like Angry Birds. "Let's just say Angry Birds can do a lot more," Trevett said, according to PocketGamer. "There's lots of things Rovio could do in terms of particle effects or volcanoes exploding in the background."

While Angry Birds likely won't take on 3D graphics like most traditional video games do (i.e. first-person shooters), Trevett estimates that the developer could use 3D physics to improve realism and camera control. With that, it would be silly to expect one of Rovio's four upcoming Angry Birds games to be titled "Angry Birds 3D." However, it's clear that the company is looking toward 3D for an enhanced game experience, which we hope means new types of Angry Birds games.

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