Poll: What do you think of the new Daily Bonus in The Sims Social?

The Sims Social Daily Bonus change
The Sims Social Daily Bonus change

Remember when you were all freaking over the Daily Bonus in The Sims Social? Well, hopefully those days are over, since Playfish has changed the feature to update with world time, rather than individual time. It's based on GMT (Greenwich Mean Time), but at least we don't have to remember the exact time we last logged in anymore. Confused? Allow Playfish to explain:

The Daily Bonus will now reset at midnight GMT. This means that if a player logs in at roughly the same time everyday, they will now see the daily bonus popup. Previously, this may have not been the case, because you had to wait a full 24 hours from your previous login. Players will no longer have to remember when they logged in last. Logging in at a similar time each day will be fine. If a player is playing the game during the midnight GMT reset time, they may need to reload in order to receive the subsequent daily bonus.

Surely, you remember the old Daily Bonus, in which players had to log in just after the 24 hours previous in order to receive the bonus. Now that the new Daily Bonus has been around for a few days, we were curious as to what you thought of the change. So, without further delay...

How's The Sims Social's new Daily Bonus?
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