Cars still headed to The Sims Social, but they're only for waxin' [Rumor]

The Sims Social Cars
The Sims Social Cars

If that's not a damned tease, then we don't know what is. Jan. 19 has passed, and loyal The Sims Social players weren't met with long-awaited cars. The rumored Toyota Prius V didn't make it into Playfish's hit Facebook game ... yet. According to Sims Social Fansite, which has accurately predicted several game updates, don't count cars out of The Sims Social, but don't expect to cruise around Littlehaven.

The fan site reports that, while Playfish still has a deal to bring cars to The Sims Social through Toyota, the specifics have changed. First, players won't see a Toyota-branded car in the game until mid-March through a two-week quest. Second, the Toyota vehicle will be named the "Yashimoto Prais," according to Sims Social Fansite. Finally, the only available interaction with the Prais is "Wax Car." That's at least for the time being, and there's a lot of time between now and mid March.

Apparently, the Yashimoto Prais will cost 10 Sim Cash, but players will loan the car for free for two weeks and decide whether to fork up the real dough. Sims Social Fansite points out that this is similar to Toyota's overnight test drive deal for the Prius in some locations. If that's the case, we seriously doubt players will get to merely wax the cars. And if all players get to do is stare at a shiny car, then Playfish will have missed out on a golden opportunity. Beware the Ides of March?

[Image Credit: Sims Social Fansite]

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