Fact: Sims Social characters have sex 680K times a day

sims social sex infographic
Sims, the virtual people who star in The Sims Social on Facebook, are busy... getting busy. A new infographic released by publisher EA shows that sims 'woohoo' (the game's cheeky nickname for sex) 680,000 times a day, "significantly more action than the amount of time the average man thinks about sex." Let's hope so.

In fact, S-E-X seems to be the main underlying motivator to this otherwise G-rated game. The infographic goes on to say that 70 million players' sims have confessed their physical attraction to another sim and that sims have told over 11 million dirty jokes (though you'll only understand them if you speak the sim language, called called Simlish). And, the most popular personality trait chosen for players' sims? Being a great kisser.

So, goes to show you -- let people loose in a virtual world with virtual versions of themselves and inhibitions go right out the window. Though, according to AppData, it looks like all of this slightly naughty behavior in The Sims Social still can't quite compete with virtual farming and kingdom- and city-building. In the past month, the game has lost roughly 5 million players, taking it further away from overtaking Zynga's FarmVille, CityVille and CastleVille as the most popular game on Facebook. Then again, maintaining a spot as one of the top 10 games on the social network isn't so bad either.

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