PyramidVille Adventure buries itself into iPhone, iPad Jan. 26 [Video]

PyramidVille Adventure
PyramidVille Adventure

Ah, trailers. The number one tool to build hype for an upcoming, well, anything. In this case, of course, it's games, and French social game developer Kobojo looks to build buzz with the launch trailer for PyramidVille Adventure. The game is set to hit both iPhone and iPad this Jan. 26, and while not much has changed since it Facebook, the developer has thrown in a few twists.

Namely, PyramidVille Adventure employs a number of mini games for players to master, which will undoubtedly serve to break up the monotony of running an Egyptian kingdom. Players will get to race ancient Egyptian boats, fend off attackers to defend an Egyptian boat as it crosses the Nile and load supplies into an Egyptian boat. We smell a theme here.

Aside from the nautical mini games, not much seems to have changed. The 'Ville-inspired play hooks are all still present, and will likely be the meat of PyramidVille Adventure. (Nearly 25 percent of the Facebook game's 730,000 monthly players play daily, so it looks like players dig it.) But for zero dollars, it's worth at least a shot when the game lands on Jan. 26. Until then, check the trailer:

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