Game of the Day: Ninja Quest Online

ninja quest online game of the day
In today's Game of the Day, you're put in a familiar situation. In Ninja Quest, it's up to you to rescue the princess who has been captured by the enemy. However, on this adventure, you aren't exactly a mustachioed, Italian plumber. Instead, you're the most ruthless killing machine in the ancient world: a ninja.

Using all sorts of devastating weapons, it's up to you to take the fight to the Bad Ninja Clan. These enemies have no fear and will show you no mercy as they try to cut you down. But failure is not an option, the princess's life is in your hands. So take up arms, and set out on your very own Ninja Quest below.

Click here to play Ninja Quest Online!
ninja quest online game of the dayninja quest online game of the day
Did you manage to rescue the princess? What do you think of Ninja Quest?
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