Homeowners Association Forecloses on Vet for $340


Sometimes homeowners associations get a bad rap. As nettlesome as some of their bylaws may be, the organizations, after all, never force anyone to live in their neighborhoods. If someone chooses to live within an HOA community, apologists say, they should be prepared to abide by its rules and pay the penalties if they don't.

But there are times when HOAs seem draconian in enforcing their statutes -- situations in which, to many, the punishment doesn't seem to fit the crime.

In the case of Sherman McCray, as described in the Orlando Sentinel, an 81-year-old Korean War vet stands to lose his home for essentially not paying $338.91 in HOA fees.

"I don't understand it. I never seen a situation like this in all my life," McCray (pictured above in his house) told the Florida newspaper. "Nobody didn't give me this house. I bought it with blood, sweat and tears."